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Multi level marketing:history

In last posts you saw what is the future of multi level marketing. But knowing the future is hard to guess about anything, so in this post we will know the history of multi level marketing.

                                       Starting of multi level marketing

Avon, together with his Representative, created a Compensation Plan, which was started by Mrs. P.F.E. Albee who joined the company in 1886, And she started his career by selling perfumes from house to house. Then the first association of multi level marketing was established in the USA in 1910, called the Agent Credit Association. Then came such an era of Emergency in 1930, people had to make a presentation in their house, but it was later renamed The Party Plan.
Then in 1963 Mary came to KS Company, who started the company by investing her whole life, and she also got immense success. He also inspired people, and was rewarded for his good works.

                                                  Enter in india

After that, in 1995, multi-level marketing entered India. It was brought by a Swedish company, and following a concept, many Indian companies have stepped into multi-level marketing.
But after that multi level marketing went through a difficult period in India. Because at that time many such schemes like chit fund etc. were going on in the market which gave themselves the name of multi level marketing and lost millions.
Which is also called gray marketing.
But after that IDSA was created which is known as Indian Direct Selling Association. The work of the association was that against all the gray marketing markets that are happening.
Multi level marketing:history

Creating rules and taking action. So that gray marketing can stop in the market and it does not spread any more.
IDSA appealed to the government from 2003 to 2015 to form a regulatory body for multi-level marketing so that multi-level marketing can develop well in India.
And in 2015 a report on multi level marketing was prepared which was named 'Mapping the Industry Across Indian State'.
Inside it was reported that currently 65 million rupees of MLM is being traded in India, which will cross the figure of 645 billion rupees by 2025. This report also said that multi-level marketing has seen an increase of 16% every year in India from 2008 to 2013 but in 2014, this figure has decreased by 4%.
And after this on 9 September 2016, the Indian government released the Direct Selling Guidelines through the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
But between 2015 and 2016, there was a decline of 3%, due to the constantly increasing gray marketing. But since this guideline has come in the industry, this gray marketing has reduced to a great extent.

                               Current situation of multi level marketing

Now let's talk about the current situation of multi level marketing in India. Multi level marketing in India is coming out of a very difficult situation nowadays. The reason for this is that the marketing of continuously increases. And after this, a new scam crypto currency emerged. These people brought very good income plans, but with incomplete knowledge.And most people started moving towards the market, because the knowledge was there today and there was also a shortage of cybercrime experts. And in the meantime, new and innovative scams kept coming in the market, which was very pleasing to the people to some extent, and people left on its behalf. The biggest reason is incomplete knowledge. And because of all this, most people removed MLM from their lives. And many senior multi level markets also stopped bringing their people into this industry.

So now that we have come to know about the history and present of multi level marketing, we will now talk about the future of MLM. You can also read our previous post to know about its future. A lot of changes are going to come in the MLM industry in the next 10 years, and there is a lot of possibility that the industry which was struggling with gray marketing till now is going to catch a lot of speed and the rules are coming in Are the ones.

But there is a very important information for you people, if you do not join this MLM industry right now, then people may have to face a lot of trouble to enter this industry in the coming time. Because in the coming 5 years the MLM industry is going to grow by 10 times. The weaker players will be eliminated from this race, and only some new and strong players will be kept in it.Therefore, the time from 2018 to 2020 is the best time to join the MLM industry. Therefore, I would like to tell you through this post, that you too should get good and complete information about this MLM industry as soon as possible and join this industry with the right mind set.

                                                                  Thank you


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