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Future of multi level marketing

Future of multi level marketing
Future of multi level marketing in india
Future of multi level marketing is a very big question . and for this you guys have to read this post till last. In this post you will learn about the future of multi level marketing. Because 21st century is like red carpet for multi level marketing. And this is not the way I am saying this, there is 100% truth in it. If you pick up the countries and see that the MLM business gets a lot of attention in whatever country is developed. Because multi level marketing is the business of the people, and as long as there are people in the world, then this business will run. This is not going to end, so it can be continued for a long time. Many people say that it is a job to stop people, so it is not completely safe, it is also a risk-free business.

                                                 Four phase of industry

 So first of all you need to know how any industry is and how it operates. So any industry has to go through 4 phases to develop. The first of these is the negative phase, the second positive face, the third growth face, and the last competition face. If there is any industry, if it has not gone through these four money then it is not an industry. So let's see what these four faces are.

1. Negative phase

in negative phase nobody want to join the industry
in negative phase nobody want to join the industry

A Every industry has to go through this face. This is the time when an industry launches its new business model in the market but people do not understand the mood properly and they do not find it their own. It is not so easy to believe anything, something similar happened with the banking sector.

 When banking came initially, the concept was that you keep your money in the bank and you will get some interest on it. But people could not even trust them because it is not so easy to trust. He thought that if he kept his money in the bank, the bank would run away with his money. The insurance sector was also rejected by the people and the reason was very clear that if life itself is not known, what is insurance for. There are many examples such as IT industry, telecom sector, e-commerce and online shopping, were rejected by the Chinese people as soon as they arrived. But today all the same things are very much in trend.

2. Positive face

Things that people had rejected in the beginning, today the same things are very much in trend, we call this face a positive face. This is the face when people's trust starts to grow on that industry, and trust depends on one thing and that is the result. When the results start coming in front of people, then their trust on the industry starts to grow on its own. And those who are not interested in the industry at that time, they start taking interest in that industry after seeing the results. As happened with banking industry, when people saw other people getting benefit, then other people also started keeping their money in the bank. Involvements also started happening in the insurance industry.

3. Growth face

when peaple start trusting a industry then it enter in its growth phase

Once the trust of people increases on an industry and people start taking interest in that industry, then that industry enters its growth face, because at this time people do not have to tell much about this industry. Due to this, there is a very fast growth in the industry. And as the industry starts to grow, people also invest in it and work with it. The competition face starts after this.

4. Competition Face

There comes a time when there is a lot of competition inside the company, this phase is called competition phase. Seeing the growth of the company, more and more people start connecting with the company, and competition among them starts increasing.

Now the next question is, what is the best time to join any industry?

So the answer is the best time to join any industry is because its negative face, which serves as its negative face, gets the most benefit in the remaining three phases. And no competition comes before that. Suppose a person understands the business model of the company and joins the company in a negative face, then when the company will grow, then imagine what will be the success rate of that person.To understand this, we do not need to put much brain.

The next question is why multi level marketing?

So multi level marketing is passing its negative again at the moment. Many people do not trust it and because of this it is very clear. There are many companies in the market that tell themselves to be ready for the MLM business, but actually doing gray marketing.

But there are many regimes due to which you should join multi level marketing, some of which is that despite being in its negative face, multi level marketing has made thousands of millionaires who are very successful today. And the best part of it is that you can start the MLM business by applying very little investment. Leadership quality is instilled within the people, instilled in the people the desire to win by defeating their fears, mobilizing people with positive people, and developing the personality of people in marketing is. And makes them a better person

The next question that arises is what is going to be the present and future of multi level marketing?

FICCI says mlm will boast up in india
FICCI says mlm will boast up in india

FICCI has given the answer to this. FICCI means 'Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry' report has said that the size of multi-level marketing is currently 7000 crores in India, even if we talk about 20% growth rate in the next 5 years. By 2025, multi-level marketing will trade up to 645 billion rupees in India. It is very important for you to know that multi-level marketing is highly promoted in many developed countries like America, Australia, Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, and Vietnam, and the citizens there are also multi level marketing Is very much aware.
Without change, progress cannot be achieved, and those who do not change their way of thinking, they cannot change anything in their life. That is, he cannot do anything new in his life. For example, when even a big company like Nokia did not give up its old ideas, then it became part of history before time.

So multi level marketing is a proven and 100% risk free business of the 21st century, which will take you to different heights of business.

And to read more about mlm click here

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